You save over $9.50 off FootJoy or Nike discount prices with each MG Golf glove you buy (including a FREE glove with each one purchased)!
MG Golf TechGrip® Glove
  • White Premium Cabretta Leather with spandex across the knuckles and the base of thumb
  • Real Cabretta Leather (in contrasting black) —not spandex—in the fourchettes (between the fingers) to eliminate slipping
  • Superior feel and comfort
  • High-tech styling
  • Only $12.95 ... Plus, you get another glove FREE!
  • In-stock and ready to ship!
Buy One Get One FREE!
Tax: $0.00 (Except TX)
Shipping and Handling: Flat $3.50

... these gloves feel better and last longer than gloves costing more than twice as much.

—Dr. John Bodner
  Lakewood, WA

Q: How much will I save by buying TechGrip Gloves?
A: You will save $10.51 to $12.51 per Cabretta glove! (See the table below.)
FootJoy® & Nike® vs. MG Golf TechGrip® Cabretta
Competitor's Glove Cost for 2 Competitor's Gloves Cost for 2 MG TechGrip Cabretta Net Savings
(Receiving 2 gloves)
FootJoy SciFlex Cabretta
Nike Dri-Fit Tour III Cabretta
Look! Cabretta TechGrip even beats the price of imitation leather!
FootJoy WeatherSof Imitation Leather
Nike Dura Feel Imitation Leather

Q: I see you also are comparing imitation (synthetic) leather too. Why?
A: We know a lot of golfers play a synthetic because of price. Because of that, we even offered a leather-like synthetic glove as a tight-budget alternative to our Cabretta gloves, but we discontinued it a couple of years back. Why?

Because any synthetic material, even though it might look like leather, just canít match the performance and feel of genuine Cabretta leather. Tour pros know this and that's why virtually none of them play a synthetic glove.

As you can see from the table though, you can play a Cabretta leather glove, like they do, for a price that's even less than imitation leather! Why compromise?

Q: Am I limited to how many gloves I buy or get free?
A: No limit. You can buy 100 gloves at this price if you want and get 100 gloves FREE.

Q: Oh yeah, I could buy a bunch of gloves, but then I'd pay crazy shipping, right?
A: The shipping and handling is a flat $3.50, no matter how many you buy. Stock up and save!

Q: What if I don't like them?
A: If you aren't 100% satisfied just return them within 2 months for a full refund of the product price.

Q: How soon will I get my gloves?
A: In-stock orders (and there are about 250,000 gloves in our warehouse) ship the same or next business day. Most customers have their gloves within 2-3 days.

Q: Can I phone or mail my order in?
A: Sorry, but we can only accept web orders with this low of a price. Our phone representatives cannot honor this special internet-only deal. It's real easy to order securely though, just complete the form below to place in your cart and proceed to our secure checkout.

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