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Callaway Tour i 4-piece urethane golf balls.
While they last, brand-new balls only $12.95 per dozen!
Callaway Tour i
Practice balls
(Note: Shipped in MG Golf box, not original Callaway package.)
Sold Out at 11/6/2013 12:30:45 AM
Callaway Tour i Golf Balls

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Callaway Tour i Golf Balls Callaway Tour i Golf Balls
Callaway Tour i urethane practice balls per dozen only ...
Only $12.95!

  • Tour i practice balls are USGA conforming with a cosmetic blemish like paint, ink or stamp registration. They have ZERO construction or performance deficiences. (Similar to what Titleist does with their $29.99 discounted Pro V1 practice balls, when you can get them.) They are the same as the original balls except they are stamped "practice."
  • Conforms to USGA Rules. USGA Decision 5-1/4 treats these balls stamped “practice” just like balls stamped with a player’s name or company logo. They are accepted if, other than the stamp, they are as described on the List of Conforming Golf Balls. (See also Decision 5-1/1.5.)
  • 4-piece inertia technology. 4 pieces, 2 cores, 1 awesome ball.
  • Urethane cover. Improves spin off wedges and shorter clubs. Maximum spin around the greens allows for total control with Tour-level distance. Helps compensate for the new USGA groove rules designed to reduce spin off wedges and short irons.
  • Longer Distance, Better Accuracy:
    1 of 6 extra-deep dimples.
    Patented HEX Aerodynamics 332-dimple pattern with 6 Sub-HEX geometries reduces drag and adds flight stability through every kind of wind condition, increasing distance cutting through the wind with a stronger, more penetrating ball flight.
  • Boundary Layer. Works with the higher density dual core to produce high ball speed.
  • High-density Tungsten & Polybutadiene Outer Core. Moves weight away from the center of the ball for increased Moment of Inertia (MOI) reducing driver spin for increased distance.
  • Dual Core construction. Has a lower compression, creating a ball that feels and plays softer. Makes it easier for golfers of all abilities to generate maximum short-game spin.
  • Mega-long with low-spin on drives, high-spin with irons with responsive sticking power around the green.

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