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The 460S Square Titanium Driver--Now only $47.95!
460S Square Driver Sole

The 460S Square Driver pushes all the USGA limits on size, COR, and MOI.

  • Size: 460 ccs of clubhead volume—as much as the USGA will allow!
  • COR: A Titanium body with a Forged Beta Titanium face for the optimum strength to weight ratio and a super-springy clubface—right up to the USGA limit!
  • MOI: The square design of the 460S takes full advantage of USGA allowance for MOI. It's the most forgiving driver we've ever made!

The 460S Square Driver has other great game-improving features too.

  • The exclusive Target Bar™ alignment design helps you square up the target for even straighter drives!
  • The MC-60 ultra-light high-modulus graphite shaft—a proven performer with oversized drivers.

The best part is that the 460S Square Driver is not the $400 or more you might expect from Nike® or others, but only $47.95! And just like all our other products, if you're not convinced that your 460S Square Driver has helped your game, just return it within 60 days in good condition for a full refund of the product price. Order yours today!

460S Square Driver Sole
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460S Square Titanium Driver with free headcover...$47.95

T-Rex II 442 All-Titanium Driver -- Now Only $64.95!
T-Rex II 442 Driver Sole

Your new T-Rex II 442 Titanium Driver gives you more, for a lot less money.

More is More!

World renowned club designer Pat Simmons specified precious Beta titanium be used to forge the clubface. A clubface this big made of this premium metal produces maximum spring effect.

The huge clubhead also makes for a colossal sweet spot. If you need to get the ball airborne quickly and go super long and straight -- your T-Rex II 442 will definitely improve your game.

Why will your 442 cc titanium driver go longer and straighter? Part of the secret lies in deep corrugations placed at critical distortion points on the clubhead. This prevents power loss and directional instability. Translation: the sole is kept rigid while the face stays flexible (like a trampoline). This gives you phenomenal distance in the direction you're aiming.

Speaking of aim, Pat added our exclusive Target Bar. alignment design to help you set up squarely to the ball and target line, resulting in even straighter drives. He also reworked the "bulge and roll", optimized the "gearing" effect of the ball flight on off-center hits and designed the best combination of lie and face angles to help eliminate slices.

T-Rex II 442 Driver
Save Hundred$$$ and Try it 60 days -- Risk Free!

Anywhere else, you can expect to pay at least $300 for an oversize titanium driver. But at MG Golf, the T-Rex II 442 Titanium Driver is now only $64.95! Plus -- as an added bonus we'll include a FREE headcover to help protect your club and give you even more on-center hits (see other side).

Try your T-Rex II 442 for 60 days. If you don't think you drive it longer and straighter than any other driver ever, send it back for a full refund of the purchase price. No questions asked.

You can't afford to settle for less than what our oversize all-titanium driver can bring to your game. Don't wait, order yours now!

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T-Rex II 442 All-Titanium Driver with free headcover...$64.95

All Remaining T-Rex II 360 All-Titanium Drivers—Closeout Price $39.95!
T-Rex II Driver

So now that we've got the 442 driver, what's going to happen to its 360 brother? After all, isn't bigger always better? Well, the answer is we're keeping it!

Here's why: the fact is that no club is "one-size-fits-all." Most golfers will find it easier to "work" the ball with the 360 while others like the extra distance on off-center hits the T-Rex II 442 provides.

So How Do You Decide?

I wish I had a good answer to that question. It's really just a matter of personal choice. Both of these clubs are great performers. Both come with a new generation, ultralight graphite shaft custom made to complement the clubhead's launch characteristics. This gives you an optimized trajectory with the best combination of height and forward roll.

Both T-Rex II models push technology to the max. By using a deeper, forged Beta titanium face, we maximized the allowable spring effect. (Spring effect means the face gives slightly at impact, then springs back to launch the ball with extra velocity.) You'll be pleased to note that both T-Rex II models conform to the USGA rules, so it is legal for tournament and competitive play ... but just barely.

Both models were designed by world-renowned club designer Pat Simmons. Pat is a former PGA Tour pro, an inventor, and a designer of golf's most player-friendly clubs. Pat chose an aerospace-grade, all-titanium clubhead for its light weight and incredible strength.

T-Rex II Driver
About the Price

The T-Rex II 360 is now only $39.95. You also receive a FREE headcover for any T-Rex II you buy.

Try either T-Rex II model. If you're not driving the ball 20 yards farther, or if you don't agree that this is the easiest-to-hit driver you've ever played, just return it in good condition within 60 days for a full refund of the purchase price. Order your T-Rex II today!

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T-Rex II titanium driver with free headcover...$39.95 (Note: Only left-handed 9° remain.)

Black Steel Fairway Woods—With FREE Headcover! Back to Top of Page
Black Steel Fairway Woods Hit the ball higher and longer, even off thin lies, with our low-profile Black Steel fairway woods.

Black Steel begins with an aerodynamic, low-profile design that makes it easy to get the ball flying high and hot from any lie, even those hard-to-hit thin lies.

The Black Steel clubhead is the ultimate result of exhaustive testing at the MG Golf Test Center. Working with world-famous club designer Pat Simmons, we tested six separate casting designs plus several insert materials (including titanium and premium stainless steel). In addition we tested numerous shaft and head combinations to arrive at the most effective total club design.

The body is cast from the finest 17-4 stainless steel for both strength and precise weight distribution. The clubface really sets Black Steel apart. It is made of Maraging Steel, an alloy that is 39% harder than the 6AL-4V titanium alloy used in the world's best titanium drivers. This revolutionary design is what makes the ball explode off the clubface with such astounding velocity. The sole features a smooth leading edge and a rounded, convex shape with contours that spread the turf and allow the clubhead to glide through tough lies as easily as trimmed fairway grass.
Available only in left-handed 3W, S5W, and 9W.

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Black Steel Fairway Wood w/ FREE Headcover...$29.95
add $10 for graphite
Black Steel Fairway Wood
The MG Golf OSZ (oversize) Driver and Woods Back to Top of Page
OSZ (oversize) metal woods are available in an incredible selection ... ready to match the way you play golf! Oversized (OSZ) Metal Woods
Choose from three lofts for the driver. Low (9.5°) is recommended for golfers with a strong swing that already produces a high shot trajectory. Standard (10.5°) loft is recommended for the vast majority or golfers for the optimum combination of height and distance. High (12.5°) is for those golfers who want to hit the ball hight off the tee. Ladies' driver is only available in the high loft model. All OSZ woods are available in right or left hand models.

OSZ is also available in both offset and non-offset heads.

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Individual OSZ Metal Woods with Graphite Gold shafts...$39.95

Individual OSZ Metal Woods w/ True Temper Gold Plus or
Dynamic Gold steel shafts...$34.95

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