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MG Golf® Irons, Hybrids, & Wedges
283MC Irons  

283MC: More distance. More accuracy. More forgiveness. And now-- Hybrids!
MG Golf 283MC Irons MG Golf's 283MC irons are a departure—and a leap ahead—from cavity-back irons of the past. Compare our pro-quality 283MC irons to famous name-brands and you'll find that our irons produce superior distance (especially on off-center hits) even against irons priced hundreds of dollars more!

The secret to this advancement in distance-boosting performance comes from a remarkable, yet simple, design that just makes sense. By rounding off the toe, shortening the hosel, and making the top line of the clubhead thinner, we are able to redistribute the mass so it will do you the most good—where the clubhead actually meets the ball.

A massive sweetspot plus improved weight distribution make the 283MCs among the most playable irons for golfers of all abilities. The low center of gravity makes it easy to launch the ball high and hot from just about any kind of lie.

MG Golf 283MC Hybrids

Hybrids With Explosive Maraging™ Steel Clubface!

Our hybrids combine the weight and loft of our irons for control and accuracy with the hollow-body clubhead design of a fairway wood for reliable distance and playability. It is a single numbered club that substitutes for the corresponding iron. Even if you've never been able to hit a long iron before, chances are you can hit a 283MC Hybrid, and hit it well.

The hollow-body clubhead 283MC Hybrid lower center of gravity also produces a higher ball trajectory with no additional effort. Have you developed a lower swing speed? You can now reclaim your long iron yardage that you thought was gone for good!

But besides that, a hollow-body design enabled us to add something very special that makes our 283MC Hybrids vastly superior to even the famous-name hybrids. That something is our exclusive, super-thin Maraging™ Steel clubface.

Maraging Steel is partly what made our famous Black Steel® line of fairway woods our best-performing and best-selling woods of all-time. It's an alloy that is 39% harder than the titanium alloy used in the body of may top-performing titanium drivers.

So how does Maraging Steel benefit you? It's strength and hardness allows us to make the clubface super-thin so that it springs back faster. This makes the ball explode off the clubface with amazing velocity! Your shots will go higher and farther than you could have ever dreamed was possible.

Another feature we incorporated into our hybrids is our exclusive Target Bar™ alignment device. This bar across the top of the clubhead makes it much easier to square the face to the target line, improving your accuracy even more.

Our 283MC Hybrids were designed by one of golf's top designers-Pat Simmons (you've probably seen him on TV). Pat used his years of experience as a Tour pro, inventor, and club designer to make our 283MC Hybrids more forgiving and game-improving than any other hybrid sold today!

Pricing is simple with our 283MCs: Only $18.95 for each iron and $29.95 for each hybrid with steel shafts. Want graphite shafts? Add just $8.00 per club. Don't wait, order now!

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MG Golf 283MC Irons w/ Steel Shafts $18.95 ea.
MG Golf 283MC Hybrids w/ Steel Shafts $29.95 ea.
For Graphite Shafts add only $8.00 per club (irons or hybrids).

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