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Our Best-Selling 415CR Putter For
Only $19.95! Wow!
  • Aircraft quality aluminum body
  • Bore-through hosel
  • Perimeter weighting system delivers exceptional balance and forgiveness
  • Standard length (35") precision curved shaft and progressed face gives the 415CR a very solid feel
  • Designed by former PGA Tour Pro Pat Simmons
  • Tax: $0.00 (Except TX)
    Shipping and Handling: Flat $7.50
    Offer valid in 48 lower states only.

Have you seen the prices on those “high-tech” putters these days? For example, some of the putters from Ping® and Titleist® sell for well over $200! I must admit, for those prices I thought there must be something VERY special about all of this new technology. And I was right.

I asked world renowned club designer, Pat Simmons (who has designed many of our clubs in our over 30 years in the golf business), to design a putter that would take advantage of all of this technology. Pat spent many long hours looking at materials, weighting, design, shaft positioning and all of the latest thinking on mass and weight distribution. Frankly, what Pat designed is a thing of beauty. Our 415CR putter really is good.

The Testing Phase

Just having a lot of technology does not make a good putter. Using our putting robot we spent hours and hours making slight changes to weight, shaft positioning, alignment markings and everything else we could think of. First, we put the putter face in front of the shaft and closer to the center of gravity. This helps to eliminate pushing and pulling of putts. Then we used side-weighting to distribute mass from the center of the putter to the perimeter to give a consistent roll on off-center putts. We added some in-line weights in the back center of the putter to provide a solid crisp hit and improve the pendulum effect of the club.

After all this work, the robot was producing clean, consistent putts—even on slightly off-center hits. But, as you know, very few of us putt like a robot. Pat has a small group of real customers that are happy to let us “experiment” with them. We took the putter to the group. More changes. We added additional alignment markings to help you visually align your putt from the front of the putter all the way to the weighting system in the back. The result with our test group was fewer off-center putts and a truer line to the cup. We kept making adjustments until they kept draining putt, after putt, after putt ...

We then had a putter that was ready for you!

Satisfaction Guaranteed!

Each putter comes with our unconditional money-back guarantee. If for any reason you are not 100% satisfied just return it within 60 days for a full refund of the product price.

Don't spend hundreds of dollars for a quality putter. Order your 415CR putter now for only $19.95 now!

  • The 415CR, with its progressed face, has the most solid feel of any putter sold today. Notice also the curved shaft connected at the toe. It was placed behind the face, closer to the center of gravity, which helps keep the face square to the target line.
  • Not only do the center holes and weights (both side and in-line back) help balance the putter by redistributing mass from the center to the perimeter of the putter head, together with the alignment markings they create a visual channel that helps your aim tremendously.
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