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Groovie Head Introducing the Groovie Training Aid  

Why spend hours and hours at the range or hundreds of dollars on golf lessons for a magic fix when there is a far easier, less expensive and effective solution? The better way to a great swing is the new MG Golf Groovie.

The Groovie is a remarkable new swing trainer designed to groove your swing for maximum power, control and consistency in an easy, natural way. The concept is elegant and effective — you just swing it. No lessons. No range balls. No frustration. Spend just 5 minutes with the Groovie, 3 or 4 times a week, and we guarantee you will launch the ball at least 10 to 20 yards farther (potentially more!)

In addition to that, you'll hit the ball straighter than ever before, swing after swing! You'll become far more consistent, which means a dramatic drop in miss-hit shots that wind up costing you strokes.

How can something as simple and inexpensive as the Groovie do so much for your swing? The answer is weight. Although at first glance the Groovie may look like an ordinary golf club, it weighs as much as 3 regular clubs! Unlike other swing trainers you may have seen, this extra weight is distributed throughout the entire club, not just the head.

The reason the Groovie works is that this weight, and the way it is positioned throughout the club, will NOT allow you to make bad swings! It is simply too hard to "cast" the club, take it outside-in, or come "over the top" — all those swing faults that cause glancing blows, miss-hits, and poor direction.

All you do is swing the Groovie in an easy, natural motion and let its momentum take the club where it wants to go. That path, or groove, happens to be a swing plane that will deliver the clubhead to the ball squarely and with maximum power! You'll also feel the weight of the Groovie pull you into a proper body weight transfer — loading up the right side and finishing on the left side (for right-handers) — as you swing through for solid crisp contact and added distance. Repeat this process about a dozen swings, 3 or 4 times a week, and your muscles will develop a "memory", which will retain your consistent swing on the course to dazzle your peers.

The Groovie also gives you more distance by strengthening the muscles that you use to swing a golf club. It also stretches those muscles, which lengthens your swing arc, increases your range of motion, and gives you more flexibility. That enables you to generate more clubhead speed with ease!

Remember, the Groovie is not used to hit balls, so you can use it wherever and whenever you feel comfortable doing so. Use it at home, at the office, indoors, outdoors, summer, winter, midday, or midnight. You can even use it as an effective warm-up club before playing a round.

You may have seen other weighted swing trainers, such as the Momentus® on TV, or the look-alike Titleist® club in the pro shop. Although they have virtually the same amount of weight as the Groovie, similar training grips, and comparable results, they can cost 3 times as much! That means for a Momentus trainer you'll spend $99.99 for the same results obtained with the Groovie for only $24.95! Don't put off improving your game any longer, get in the groove and order the Groovie today!

Available in left-handed Senior and Regular. Sorry, right-handed are sold out.

Click here to see full specs.

Groovie Swing Trainer. . .$24.95

Groovie Indoors
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