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Classic Golf Tips — Tommy Armour
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Modern-day pros owe their power, precision, and graceful swings to Tommy Armour, the man who defined the perfect swing as we know it today. His legacy includes a series of his favorite and most successful golf tips published in newspapers nationwide.

Now, you can benefit from 158 of those tips in the book Classic Golf Tips by Tommy Armour

By applying the best of those principles he taught contained in these 163 pages, you can get more enjoyment from the game by shooting lower scores. Here are some of the tips you'll learn:

  • How to apply your grip pressure to get the most wrist cock possible for extra power and distance.
  • An easy trick to avoid the occasional out-of-bounds, water, or other hazards.
  • Five keys to your address position that will produce more power and greater accuracy.
  • One hitting position you can master to allow more body turn, a steady head, and greater balance.
  • How to master the "pull down and hit" type of swing the pros use for effortless power.
  • One simple swing move to add distance to all shots.
  • The one magic cure that puts a halt to a host of swing problems.

  • ... and much, much, more!

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Ken Venturi's Stroke Savers on DVD
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For 35 years Ken Venturi was CBS Television’s chief golf analyst, delivering a no-nonsense, revealing insight into the game as both champion Tour player and masterful instructor. During those years Ken launched a unique instructional program called Stroke Savers, a series of on-course, less-than-a-minute golf tips he recorded at each Tour venue.

Millions of golfers tuned in to tournament broadcasts to pick up these bits of wisdom they could use to knock strokes off their next round. We worked with Ken to compile 40 of his best original Stroke Savers and put them into one brilliant instructional DVD.

Here are just some of the topics covered:

  • How you can tell if your grip is giving you maximum distance and control.
  • How to feel confident in all your clubs in a matter of minutes.
  • Why the first one fourth of your swing determines how straight you drive the ball.
  • How to use the tee box to increase your landing area.
  • When distance is NOT a key to scoring!
  • How elevation changes should affect your club selection.
  • When taking a sure bogey means saving strokes.
  • Three ways to get more distance from the fairway.
  • How your balance and rotation can help you hit 10 to 20 yards longer.
  • Why you should leave your 2- and 3-irons at home.
  • When putting spin on the ball is NOT such a good idea.
  • How to put extra spin on the ball when you DO need it.
  • What your knees have to do with the knockdown shot.
  • When to choose knock-down over spin-it-back.
  • How to turn divot lies into scoring opportunities!
  • The costliest mistake you can make in the rough... and how to avoid it.
  • The one key to hitting successful shots from the rough.
  • How to determine your target from a sloped lie.
  • How to gain confidence for bunker shots.
  • How to play the shot Bobby Jones called "the hardest shot in golf."
  • Which shots you WANT the ball to slice!
  • How your hook or slice can actually give you MORE room to land the ball.
  • A simple grip change NOT recommended for Tour pros... but YOU can use it to draw the ball!
  • When you might not want to take relief from the cartpath or a drop from a hazard.

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