Golf Club Labels (Sheet of 20)
Best Custom Golf Club Label Only $7.95!

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(Simulated label and reflective surface)
(Note: To order multiple sheets with different lettering, just come back to this page.)

Don't Lose Any Clubs!

Whenever your putter, wedge, or other club becomes lost, you need a label that is legible. You need one that will stand up to time and weather and not wear off or fade.

Our Mylar Labels ...

are the highest quality for the lowest price anywhere. The sheet of 20 labels is enough for every club in your bag, plus you can use the extras on other valuables like smartphones, tablets, laptops, racquets, helmets... anything of value that you think you may lose needs a label to help keep it safe.

Help Keep 'Em Honest

Whenever someone picks up your 7-iron that you left in the rough somewhere, and it has your label on it, "finders keepers" just doesn't apply anymore. Most people are honest, so help them do the right thing.


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