Brand-New, 5-Piece Urethane Balls (X-Out).
Only $18.99 Per Dozen! Limited Supply.

Brand-New, 5-Piece Urethane Balls (X-Out).
Only $18.99 Per Dozen! Limited Supply.

Only $18.99!
Per Dozen of Callaway HEX Black (X-Out)

0 Hex Black (X-Out) are Left

(Note: Balls not in original packaging. Valid only in lower 48 states.
Callaway Hex Black (X-Out)
Not $45.99!
Only $18.99!
per dozen

0 dzn Hex Black (X-Out) are Left

Valid only in lower 48 states.
Only $18.99!
  • X-Outs are balls that may have very slight cosmetic imperfections. They have an "X-Out" supplemental sidestamp. They are otherwise exactly like their retail counterparts and perform exactly the same.
  • Hex Black was played on the PGA Tour (non-x-out version)
  • 6 Points of Performance With features like superior greenside spin, enhanced durability and HEX Aerodynamics, HEX Black delivers six points of performance that help make this one of Callaway's most highly engineered Tour balls ever.
  • i-Core Technology This dual core construction provides optimized spin separation from tee to green. The high spin separation helps generate longer distance off the driver and long irons due to lower spin, and higher spin closer to the green for superior greenside control. The inner and outer core recipes are adjusted so that the outer core has a high compression and the inner core an extremely soft compression.
  • DuraSpin™ Urethane Cover A proprietary formulation that produces the soft feel and the exceptional short-game spin necessary in a high performance golf ball. Significantly improves durability and resiliency.
  • Dual Mantle Layers Both the inner and outer mantles are comprised of different grades of Surlyn® ionomers that are mixed in different ratios to affect the hardness and resilience of the mantle layers. The soft inner and firm outer mantles combine to protect the dual core i-Core Technology while also producing powerful ball speeds.
  • HEX Aerodynamics™ Callaway's patented HEX Aerodynamics produce 100% surface area coverage on a golf ball whereas traditional round dimples typically cover only 88% of the surface. It reduces drag and promotes a stable, penetrating ball flight that holds its line in the wind for the best aerodynamic performance.
*Note: Balls are NOT in retail packaging and have a random number (1-8) assortment.

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